TEDxBarcelonaSalon - how to create a happy company

About this event :

We all want to be happy, don’t we? And we all want to work with happy people, in a happy company. But why is it so difficult sometimes to achieve this? How can we be happy at work? How can we have a happy team of employees? Is there a magic bullet? David Tomas, author of the book La empresa más feliz del mundo does not have a magic bullet, but he has a methodology. He claims that there are 11 key aspects you have to consider if you want to work in a happy environment. We invited him to explain us his methodology and to tell us his experience implementing them. Additionally, we will also watch the related TED talk The happy secret to better work. David Tomas

Afterwards, we discussed altogether about happiness and work. It is possible to make everyone in a company happy?
As always, after the discussion we finished with networking inviting everyone to drinks and some tapas.

The program:
18:30 Doors are open
19:00 Welcome
19:05 TED talk “The happy secret to better work”
19:25 David Tomás: How to create a happy company
19:40 Q&A and open discussion
20:40 Networking with drinks
21:30 End of the event

The event took place the 13th of December at 7pm at Mazda Space (c/Comerç 60).

Photos of the event:

Photography: Marta Pérez

About TEDxBarcelonaSalon:
At our TEDxBarcelonaSalon events we foster networking, dialog and the discussion among all members of TEDxBarcelona. In order to achieve this we meet once a month and listen to an interesting talk. After watching the talk we discuss about the presented subject. Here the list of past Salon events.

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