TEDx Barcelona



TEDxBarcelona is a not-for-profit event organized by unpaid volunteers. Any sponsorship goes directly to paying for expenses such as venue, catering, advertising, and other materials and costs that support the event.
We kindly thank our sponsors. Without them our events would not be possible.




We are thrilled to partner with local forward-thinking companies that value creative solutions, innovation and meaningful impact, and also share our vision for a world shaped by powerful ideas.

Sponsor TEDxBarcelona if…
1. You believe in bringing together corporations and individuals who want to be change agents surrounding remarkable thinking and ideas.
2. You want to leverage ideas, technologies, design, and education to help create a better future.
3. It is important to invest in your local community to support innovation and the power of “ideas”.

Ways to participate
a. Cash donations
b. In-kind donations: printing, catering, wine and spirits, venue, web hosting, filming and editing,   streaming, website copywriting, content translation, goody bag items, staff or attendees t-shirts, etc.

Sponsorhisp recognition
The partnership will include premier recognition leading up to and during the conference. We will work with the sponsor to create unique branding opportunities based on their interest.

– Stage slides mention
– Sponsor mention by our TEDxBarcelona host
– Logo placement on website, program guide, t-shirts, etc.
– Press Releases
– Sponsored space or meal
– Special mention on TEDxBarcelona videos (offered just to one sponsor)

We are happy to explain our sponsor benefits in more detail, and help answer any questions you may have. Simply write to us using the contact form.


What is TEDxBarcelona?
TEDxBarcelona is a not for profit event run by unpaid volunteers, and all collected sponsor money goes directly to paying for expenses incurred by the event.
Find out more about TEDx events here.

Can we sell products or services at the venue?
Unfortunately, sponsors cannot sell products or services at the venue, but they have the option to give a gift to our speakers, or allow attendees to demo a unique and not publicly available software, gadget, technology, or product.

Why are demos subject to approval?
TEDxBarcelona’s goal is to provide attendees with an experience that they cannot get elsewhere, thus we strive to avoid standard product and service pitches found at most conferences. Acceptable demos are limited to a unique and not publicly available software, gadget, technology, or product that can be tried out by attendees.

If we’re providing drinks, snacks, or food, may we sell to non TEDxBarcelona attendees?
Unfortunately, in-kind drink, snack, or food sponsors cannot sell items at the venue. In addition, drink, snack, or food sponsors cannot give their items away to non TEDxBarcelona attendees while on the venue’s premises.

What kind of partners does TEDxBarcelona accept?
As we mentioned, we accept all kind of forward-thinking partners that share our vision for a world shaped with ideas. Under no circumstances we’ll accept as partners companies related to weapons/ammunition, tobacco/cigarettes or adult-oriented products/services.

Can we give a TEDxTalk at TEDxBarcelona or select some speakers?
Sorry, sponsors have no editorial control or veto power over the program and may not present from the stage either. No one can pay to be included in the program!