How to manage failure

About this event :

Is there some success in failure? Pablo Foncillas says Yes. According to him, we are too much focused on success and do not accept failure. Looking only at success and not reflecting about the mistakes we have done can kill innovation. Thus, we need urgently a culture which accepts success as well as failure and sees failure as part of the creation process. We need an education which shows us how to deal with failure and to see in it a required part of success. Pablo Foncillas

In his talk, Pablo explained us in detail his idea based on years of research and consulting in this field. His most findings are the result of a research within 300 companies and will be presented in his soon to be published book. After his talk, we could ask him questions as well as express our opinions and experiences and propose ideas on how to deal effectively with failure.

The speaker
Pablo Foncillas is a consultant, a faculty member at IESE Business school and a public speaker. He went to Swiss School, speaks 4 languages, is licences in law and MBA at IESE Business School where he is currently teaching in the commercial department.

The talk (19:00-19:30)
We started with a TED talk about this subject (in Spanish) which serveed us as a base to discuss about the presented subject.

The discussion (19:30-20:30)
Afterwards, we were able to ask questions, propose our own ideas and discuss among the whole group about the ideas presented.

Networking (20:30-21:30)
As always, we finished the event with a networking session in which we invited all attendees to drinks and tapas (included in the entrance price).

Pictures of the event:

Photographers: Beatriz Rojo y Marta Pérez

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