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Via Malama

 Ally Vispo

Ally Vispo is a writer and content creator and currently resides in Barcelona, after a decade living in London, where she worked as Managing Editor of a fashion magazine. Four years ago she began to lead a Zero Waste and vegan lifestyle, and through her social networks and content she tries to inspire others to get started in the movement that will change the world.
About her talk: the Zero Waste movement consists of not creating any kind of waste, but above all in changing the way we consume, in order to promote a circular economy in which products are designed taking into account the environmental impact of their materials and with the idea that they are durable, reusable and repairable.


Albert Costa

Albert Costa is a research professor at ICREA: the Brain and Cognition Centre of the UPF. His gained his know how in psychology and neuroscience in Barcelona, Boston and Cambridge. His scientific interests focus on understanding how two languages coexist in the same brain. He is the author of the popular book “The bilingual brain, how does the bilingual experience sculpt the brain?”
About his talk: How does the linguistic context affect our decisions? Are we less emotional and do we make cooler decisions when we are in a foreign language context? Should we try to reflect when we make decisions in a language other than our mother tongue? These are some of the questions we will reflect on during the talk.

marciowebMarcio Barradas Marcio Barradas is CEO and founder of Moodbytes, a company dedicated to the application of the latest technologies in the food sector. Also founder of FoodInk, the world’s first 3D restaurants, he has a wide network of contacts within the world of 3D printing, as well as the recycling industry and Blockchain. Investor in Ethereum and other crypto currencies with extensive experience in ICOs and OTC Trading. Marcio is an blockchain enthusiast, a lover of new technologies and sustainable projects.
About his talk: according to the World Food Programme millions of tons of food are wasted every day while there are more than 700 million hungry people in the world. It was in this senseless context that Moodbytes was founded, a company dedicated to improving the sustainability of this world through gastronomy. Thanks to different technologies such as 3D Printing or Blockchain it will be able to reuse all parts of food and thus create a more sustainable future, shared, global and traceable.

ingrid ramon

Ingrid Ramon

Ingrid Ramon studied dog training and behaviour modification in England and the United States. She later specialized in assistance and detection dogs, her great passion.

About his talk: together with his dog Blat and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona are working on a pioneering project of Lung Cancer detectors , with very hopeful results.


Anna Sort

Anna Sort is an entrepreneurial nurse specializing in Digital Health and Gamification. After specialising in Cognitive Systems/interfaces in order to specialise in technology and health, she created the company PlayBenefit, where she leads the ideation, creation and execution of digital products. She is also a professor at several international universities (UAB, URV, URL, Stanford University, Harvard University, etc.). In 2016 she was elected one of the 10 founders of the Women of Health IT Community.
About her talk: after years of gathering information and learning how to create video games, Anna recapitulated in 5 points how to generate commitment in the user in any digital system that is being generated for learning and creating habits.

Ruids+AmiensBaschet-Foto Sonia Ciriza

Marti Ruiz

Martí Ruiz is a visual and sound artist, doctor in applied acoustics, professor and researcher at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Barcelona. His main interests are the relationships between form, matter and sound, always with a social vision of art and technology.
About his talk: since the 1950s, the Baschet Sound Sculpture has proposed an inclusive and intuitive space for everyone to create sound without the need for previous training. A pioneering work that links art and science, education and participation.

PMMT_Friendly_MaterialsRita_Barata_03 TEDxBarcelona

Rita Barata Castro

Rita Barata is an architect from the University of Porto. She has worked in several offices in Portugal and Spain, and joined PMMT, a company specialized in advanced sanitary architecture and innovation processes, in 2013.

About her talk : the aim is to understand how building materials can affect our health. Friendly Materials is for everyone. For each person to choose to live in healthy spaces based on the best construction materials, and for professionals to have, also free of charge, the tool to build healthy buildings.

Better choices, healthier spaces.

foto JMC21

JM Cercvera

Jose Maria Cervera Casanovas is a restless entrepreneur, graduated in Veterinary Medicine, expert in Food Engineering who has never stopped learning new disciplines. He holds an MBA from IESE Business School and an MTP from Harvard Kennedy School of government. His experience is an international combination of business, science and engineering that he has been passing on to his students for years as a university professor. He is one of the founders of the program Mb>b>IT-Spain and Director of Operations of 3D Tech Omega Zeta, an innovative company that generates medical-scientific products and contents destined to change forever the way we have to learn and teach. 
About his talk: How Innovation in Education and especially with Immersed Interactive 3D Technologies that are already changing the way doctors, bioengineers and scientists learn and how a company from Barcelona can become a “GameChanger” of this sector.