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Solutions for tomorrow

The challenges we face as humanity are immense: food, health, environment…
Our challenges of tomorrow are the our children’s challenges of their today. They need solutions to be able to live well. In Barcelona there are many entrepreneurs and change-makers who are working on solutions for tomorrow, solutions that surprise and inspire us. We have been looking for these extraordinary people and we are going to present them together with their ideas and their solutions for tomorrow at our event TEDxBarcelona on October 5th.
This day we will talk about the zero waste movement, how we can gamify our health, how multilingualism affects the brain, how to eliminate food waste, dogs that detect cancer, musical instruments for everyone, air quality, education in the world of medicine and how to actively use our breathing …

Each of these ideas will be presented in a 10-15 minute TEDx talk.

And – as always – this event will be a great opportunity to do networking and to connect with other restless minds in the TEDxBarcelona world.

The event will take place at CosmoCaixa, Barcelona, from 15:30 to 20:30 hours. Don’t miss it!


15:00 – 15:30 Registro
15:30 – 17:15


José Cruset
Chris Anderson
Albert Costa
Jose Maria Cervera
Carmen Albana Sanz
Kai Fu Lee
Rita Barata Castro
Marti Ruiz
Welcome (span)
Introduction to TEDx (TED video, eng, subtit)
How the Bilingual Experience Sculpts the Brain (span)
Innovating in medical-scientific education (span)
The importance of emotional education (esp) (esp)
How AI can save our humanity (TED video, eng, subtit)
How materials affect the air we breathe (span)
Baschet Sound Sculptures – an inclusive experience of art and science (eng)
17:15 – 17:45 Break (coffee, networking, photocall)
17:45 – 19:30


Marcio Barradas
Ally Vispo

Robert Waldinger
Anna Sort

Lucas Rockwood
Ingrid Ramon
Technologies to reduce food waste (eng)
Zero Waste: Can we simply consume consciously? (span)
What makes a good life (TED video, eng, subtit)
Making Health Fun: Lessons Learned from Video Games (eng)
Your breath as a tool (eng)
Detecting Lung Cancer with Canine Assistance (span)
19:30 – 20:30 Networking (drinks, snacks)

The event will be moderated in Spanish, some talks will be given in Spanish, others – at the request of the speaker – in English. The two videos are in English but with Spanish subtitles.



To buy your ticket please click on the “Yes, I will attend” button on the right. You will be able to pay the ticket by Paypal or credit card (it is not necessary to open a Paypal account, instructions here).

We’re sorry, but we can’t make refunds. If you can’t come to the event publish your interest in selling your ticket on this page. Thank you.


Apart from the “normal” ticket we also offer 20 VIP tickets which allow to have a seat in the first row and direct meetings with speakers. The price of a VIP ticket is 50 EUR.
To get one (or several) VIP tickets please transfer the total amount to the following account:
Asociación para la difusión de ideas
IBAN: ES37 0081 0063 2000 0179 4985
Afterwards, please send an email with the proof of payment to: info@tedxbarcelona.com
You will receive a confirmation by email and if you want an invoice, please send us your billing information and we will send it to you as well.



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