TEDx Barcelona


TEDxBarcelona 07 Oct 2016 – ponentes


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Much more than speakers. Much more than speeches. Stories, dreams and truths that captured us, and that will inspire you during a unique live event. The future of the key disciplines that affect our daily life will take place on TEDxBarcelona stage. Are you going to miss it?


Antonio Acín Prof. Dr. Antonio Acín Group Leader and ICREA Professor at ICFO Photonic Institute, ERC Consolidator Grant Award. Telecommunications Engineer at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña and Physics at Universidad de Barcelona. Leads the group of Quantum Theory at ICFO. His activity is centered around the theory of quantum information.

Ignacio Solano Ignacio Solano Ignacio Solano Founder of Paisajismo Urbano and expert in biological interaction, Ignacio Solano has spent 14 years carrying out research in tropical forests around the world. In consequence, he has developed a new concept that goes beyond vertical gardens: vertical ecosystems. This system is the result of his observation and study of the interspecific processes and symbioses that exist between flora and microfauna.

Ivan Ostrowicz Ivan Ostrowicz Ivan is an engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and ENSIMAG and MBA from Neoma BS. He has international experience in information systems and organization management acquired in corporation (Air France) and consultancy (EY). He is co-founder of Domoscio, a company specialized in adaptive education.

Nuria Conde Nuria Conde Professional biologist during the day and biohacker during the night, leader of the Barcelona node of DIY Bio, a movement born in 2006 in the US with the aim to bring science to the home of the people.

Miquel Ramis Miquel Ramis Educator, sculptor and expert in traditional construction. Founder of Artifexbalear, a school dedicated to the recovery and innovation of crafts and arts building, permaculture and appropriate technology.

Josep Marlés Josep Marlés Fundamental biologist at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, is currently profesor and director of the Biology and Geology department at Fundació Collserola. Teacher at Escola Frederic Mistral/Tècnic Eulàlia where he teaches Natural Sciences and Biology. Since 15 years he represents Escola Frederic Mistral/Tècnic Eulàlia at Agenda21 Escolar at city Barcelona.

José Luis Adserías José Luis Adserías Actor at Planeta Impro and presenting Improshow at Teatreneu for 15 years. Starts in 2015 and since then directs the “Impro Training Center Barcelona”, an open space for all with or without acting experience, where he shares the three key facts which helped him to make Planeta Impro successful: having fun, surprise and create emotions. Currently, he is following his three passions: directing, improvising, teaching.