TEDxBarcelonaSalon - the dignified death

About this event :

Nobody wants to talk about it but sooner or later we have to face it: death. Are we prepared? Do we know how we want to die? When shall we talk about it? Most people never talk about it and thus don’t have it clear neither defined.
This is the subject of our next event TEDxBarcelonaSalon. We will talk about dying, the freedom to choose how to die and the current landscape (in Spain and Europe).
Marcos Hourmann
Our speaker will be doctor Marcos Hourmann. Marcos has been sentenced guilty of committing euthanasia in 2005 to an terminally ill woman. He was the first convicted doctor of euthanasia in Spain and his case created big discussions in Spain. It was not until now, however, that the Spanish and Catalan Parliament is preparing a new law to regulate this. Regulation is needed to – on one hand – offer a solution to suffering patients and – on the other hand – to avoid misuse.
Marcos has written a book about this situation, he fights for freedom of choice. Freedom to choose the way we want to die. He thus has been invited to speak in front of the political groups to present them his point of view.
At our event he will present a short (15-min) TED talk and will afterwards be available for discussion. We can all ask him questions and discuss with him. As always, we finish our event with a networking session with drinks and tapas for everyone (included in the ticket price).

18:45 Opening doors
19:00 Welcome
19:05 Projection of TED talk Let’s talk about dying | Peter Saul
19:20 Break
19:30 Marcos Hourmann: The freedom of choice
19:45 Open discussion
20:45 Networking with tapas and drinks
21:30 End of the event

At 19:05 we will also show a short TED video (in English with subtitles in Spanish) about the same subject. You can come at 19:00 or arrive later if you want to skip this talk. The talk from Marcos Hourmann and the following discussion will be in Spanish. The TED talk will be shown in English with Spanish subtitles.

Pictures of the event:

Photography: Natacha Elmir

About TEDxBarcelonaSalon:
At our TEDxBarcelonaSalon events we foster networking, dialog and the discussion among all members of TEDxBarcelona. In order to achieve this we meet once a month and listen to an interesting talk. After watching the talk we discuss about the presented subject. Here the list of past Salon events.

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  • Hola, me gustaría comprar entradas para el evento. Cuando saldrán a la venta?

    • Hola Raquel,
      más o menos 2 semanas antes del evento. Enviaremos un email a través de nuestro newsletter, puedes apuntarte en la página home al newsletter.
      Gracias por tu interés. :-)