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TEDxBarcelona Team

Since 2009 we are organizing TEDxBarcelona events on a non-profit basis. Our goal is to use the TED platform to leverage, at a local and international level, projects and ideas related to the city. Do you want to support us? We continuously need sponsors and volunteers for our events. If you want to help us, please contact us.

Team of permanent volunteers
José Cruset José Cruset – Founder/host (content and sponsoring)Linkedin Twitter

Born in Germany, living since 2000 in Barcelona. Entrepreneur and hard-worker in the tech-field creating internet and mobile solutions. Since 2009 passionate license holder and organizer of TEDxBarcelona, TEDxBarcelonaSalon and TEDxBarcelonaLive, three non-profit events.
His goal is to build a TEDx community in Barcelona bringing together smart and creative minds.

foto catarina web Catalina Maldonado – Management/CoachingLinkedin
Joel Fons Joel Fons – Digital MarketingLinkedin

Passionate about marketing, advertising and public relations. Currently, he continues to train in all aspects related to digital marketing. Collaborate with companies to create online strategies and apply the most up-to-date and efficient marketing techniques that take them to the next level. Professional with a resilient character and a great capacity to acquire new knowledge. His objective is for TEDxBarcelona to be part of the constant digital transformation that we are experiencing today.

Adrià Tersa Adrià Tersa – OrganizaciónAdrià Tersa
Equipo de asesores y apoyo institucional
Alessandro Manetti Alessandro Manetti – AdviserLinkedin Twitter
Founder and Director of the Istituto Europeo di Design IED Barcelona, leading school in design, visual arts, fashion and management since 2002. Global supervisor and coach for IED Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil since June 2013. Sociologist, who has dedicated over 20 years to fields related to design, fashion, communications, management, creativity, new trends and contemporary societies changes applied to education, investigation and projects.
Teresa Roig Teresa Roig i Sitjar – Advisor and mentorLinkedin Twitter