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TEDxBarcelona 20 Jun 2015 – ponentes


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Much more than people. Much more than conferences. Stories, dreams and truths that catch and inspire you in a live event.. The future of the disciplines that affect us the most will be in our event. Do you really want to miss out?

César Bona César Bona The only Spanish finalist in the 50 best teachers in the world for the Global Teacher Prize, Cesar has written theatre plays on how to read to 10 year-old kids; created a silent movie that reuniteed children with their families; whilst also producing a documentary on how kids can respect the elderly and set up a realisation of an animal’s virtual protective that is managed by kids and folloing of thousands around the world. He received national and international prizes to boost educational creativity, innovation and sustainability, and he believes in a teaching idea that goes beyond books and the teachers’ mentoring role. A kind of education that empowers, inspires, and through feelings and experiences, extracts the best from the future generation.

César Bona Ricardo Baeza Ricardo Baeza-Yates is VP of Research for Europe and Latin America, leading the Yahoo! Research labs at Barcelona, Spain and Santiago, Chile. Until 2012 he also supervised the lab in Haifa, Israel. Until 2005 he was the director of the Center for Web Research at the Department of Computer Science of the Engineering School of the University of Chile; and ICREA Professor and founder of the Web Research Group at the Dept. of Information and Communication Technologies of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. He maintains ties with both mentioned universities as a part-time professor for the Ph.D. program.
His research interests includes algorithms and data structures, information retrieval, web data mining, and data visualization.

Carmen Simón Carmen Simón Carmen Simon studies biotechnologies In Barcelona. Whilst complaining about the current situation with other CSIC scientists, herself and five others decided to act and build up Apadrina la ciencia, a foundantion that encourages scientific investigation in Spain and its integration into society. The pioneering project aims to enlarge the job opportunities of Spanish scientists, through common citizen fund raising, and combating the usual lack of resources that leads to talented people moving abroad. So let’s support scientists becuase, maybe, the next big discovery is caught into the mind of a researcher without these resources.

Giulio Ruffini Giulio Ruffini Dr. Giulio Ruffini obtained his BA in mathematics and physics at the UC of Berkeley, and his PhD in Theoretic Physics at UC David/LANL. In 2000, he co-founded Starlab with the dream of transforming theoric science in technology with a real impact. Ten years later, he founded Neuroelectrics, marketing innovative products of brain stimulation that today could change the world of interpersonal communication as we know it. The 7.700 km which separates Strasburg and Thiruvananthapuram (India) didn’t prevent Ruffini and his team from achieving a transmition of a counscious message, from one brain to another in each city for the first time. To summarize, the doors are open on the future of neuroscience with the awareness and hyperinteraction technology available to truly revolutionize it.

Anna Llauradó Anna Llauradó Anna Llauradó studied at Barcelona Lycée Français and graduated in Information Science. She has worked in the printed press, radio and television, and has also written screenplays, short stories and childhood narratives, and has just finished directing her first documentary “Tu también puedes, la asignatura pendiente”, which was inspired by one of her tales. It was made possible thanks to the spontanous collaboration of professionals from cinema, televisión and education, and it teaches young kids that even they can do something to improve the world by cooperating, organizing and empowering themselves to help other children around the world to help fight hunger and poverty.

Paco Acedo Paco Acedo The 38 year old explorer Paco Acedo spends half of his time diving in the North Pole ice. He has been living a life full of passions: diving, adventures, nature, and music. However, he has not always been in the North Pole. For ages, he has worked as musician in New York, until the 9/11 terrorist attack forever changed the pace of his life. After years living as a teacher, one day he decided to change his settled life for a new one full of adventures. Nowadays, he is living exploring the submarine world of the lesser known polar regions and he leads “SUBPOLAR 90°”, a project to achieve the Earth axis diving. Paco constantly lives close to the death, but he assures that deciding to change his life made him feel more alive.

Pau García Pau García Born in 1989. Graduated in graphic design, later he found his passion: He develops art and design projects with architects, desarrollado proyectos de arte y diseño con​​ arquitectos, archaeologists and anthropologists in remote spaces like concentration camps, the extreme north of Norway and at small villages in the middle of the Tuscany. The result has always been playing with the limits of the uncomfortable within different creative disciplines.
He is founder of Domestic Data Streamers where he develops art projects.

NN Brian Peniston Brian is a Nepal expert, and lived and worked in Nepal over 24 years. Currently, he serves on the Advisory Board of the dZi Foundation and is building alliances in response to Nepal’s post earthquake needs. He worked with The Mountain Institute (TMI) from 1996 through mid 2014, managing a National Park east of Mount Everest, and managed TMI’s Himalayan Regional Programs in biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, sustainable livelihoods and cultural restoration. Brian helped design integrated conservation and development projects in 14 other countries throughout Asia, working with many international agencies, starting overseas work as a US Peace Corps volunteer.
He is Director/Founder of Markets and Communities, Inc. and Ennovent’s Representative-America.

NN Jordi Gusi Born in Barcelona in 1970 with a degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona and Master in NGO Management at ESADE. Towards the late 90s joined ACIDH which serves people with limited intelligence / or mild intellectual disability. There he created a group of catering and laundry employing people with mental disabilities. After 6 years Jordi went to Darfur (Sudan) and Liberia with Doctors without borders, responsible for human resources. He participates in the preparation of the National Plan of volunteer associations and acts as manager of ECAS Catalan Entities for Social Action, an organization that brings together more than 100 organizations working to combat social exclusion. Currently, Jordi Gusi is a founding partner of Tandem Social cooperative dedicated to consulting for organizations and social enterprises.