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TED 2017

Watch TED 2017 live in Barcelona! On the 28th of April we enjoyed three sessions (streaming of 22 talks – deferred because of the timezone difference) of the TED event in Vancouver without the need to move there and without having to pay the 8.500 USD ticket, all together with our community in the Mobile World Centre in the center of Barcelona.

Furthermore, we offered a fair of experiences where our community was able to experience various innovative products from different fields. It was possible to play a virtual reality game (“room escape”), test the glasses Microsoft HoloLens, paint a virtual painting in three dimensions and take funny pictures in our photo booth.

As always and for a small fee of 9 EUR offered also drinks and tapas during the breaks while our community was doing networking with other curious minds of the city.

The program:
14:30 – 16:15 Mind, Meaning
Michael Lynch Philosopher
Mehdi Ordikhani Neuroscientist
Dan Ariely Behavioral economist
Mariano Sigman Neuroscientist
Anil Seth Cognitive scientist
Anika Paulson Student, musician
Lisa Genova Neuroscientist, novelist
Robin Hanson Economist, social scientist
16:30 – 18:30 Planet, Protection
Kristin Poinar Glaciologist
David Titley Meteorologist
Ted Halstead Climate expert
Peter Calthorpe Urban designer
Jacob Collier Musician and artist
Tim Kruger Geoengineering researcher
Danny Hillis Computer theorist
Kate Marvel Climate scientist
18:45 – 20:45 TED en Español:
Conexión y Sentido
Gabriela González Astrophysicist
Jorge Drexler Musician, poet
Jorge Ramos Journalist
Isabel Behncke Primatologist
Tomás Saraceno Artist
Ingrid Betancourt Writer, peace advocate

You can find the complete TED conference program including info on all speakers on the TED website.

Thanks so much for your support, TEDx-ers! :)


About TEDxBarcelonaLive
At our events TEDxBarcelonaLive we offer you to follow a TED event live (via streaming) in Barcelona. Without the need to travel or to pay the high conference cost (a ticket is 8.500 USD) you can watch the talks presented at the TED conference here in Barcelona. In paralel we show you the newest inventions and gadgets we found for you in a small expo. And for a small price, we additionally offer you drinks and tapas. The event is open, i.e. you can enter and exit at any time and also do networking with other curious minds.

Photos of the event

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