TED2015: neurociencia - inteligencia artificial - espacio

About this event :



In this TEDxBarcelonaLive event you could:
– Listen to:
   5 experts in neuroscience
   6 experts in artificial intelligence
   5 experts in space exploration
– View and experience with electroencephalogram, Oculus Rift and food printers
– Do networking with curious minds
– Enjoy food and drinks and do an olive oil tasting
– Have fun taking pics at our photo booth :-)

From March 16th until 20th there was the TED2015 conference in Vancouver where innovative and inspiring ideas were presented. These talks will be published at a later stage on the internet. In order to be at this conference and watch the talks live attendees pay 8.500 USD! Thanks to our agreement with TED we could offer you to watch the talks from this conference on March 18th here in Barcelona! Via streaming (english without subtitles) we were able to watch the talks of one day and also do networking with other attendees and experiment with the latest gadgets!
The subject:
As you can see in the detailed program below the speakers of that day talked about neuroscience, artificial intelligence and space exploration, without doubt very interesting subjects. You can find a summary of the talks presented in this document.
This event was also a great opportunity to get to know the TEDxBarcelona community. During the whole event you could do networking with other attendees. We had a second venue with gadgets and catering where attendees commented the talks and got to know other curious minds. And after the event we opened the bar where we could enjoy a delicious cocktail until 21:45.
We offered drinks and some tapas (included in the ticket), there was also a special cocktail.
Like in every Live event we presented you the latest gadgets we have found for you. In a second venue innovative products were presented like a dessert printer or some Oculus Rift with which you could virtually exit the room and fly to space.
When and where:
The event took place on March 18th starting at 15:00 until 21:45 in the Mobile World Centre (C/Fontanella 2, Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona). People could arrive later than 15:00 and exit and come back, it was an open event.

The program
15:00 – 16:45 What Are We Thinking?
Laura Schulz Cognitive scientist
Jason Padgett Geometric artist
Donald Hoffman Cognitive scientist
Daniel Kish Perceptual navigation specialist
David Eagleman Neuroscientist
17:00 – 19:00 Machines That Learn
Fei-Fei Li Computer scientist
Rajiv Maheswaran Researcher
Chris Urmson Robotocist
Jim Simons Philanthropist, mathematician
Nick Bostrom Philosopher
Abe Davis Computer scientist
19:15 – 21:00 Out of This World
Sara Seager Exoplanet expert
Fred Jansen Space explorer
Nathalie Cabrol Planetary explorer
Stephen Petranek Technology forecaster
Alan Eustace Stratospheric explorer

More information regarding the conference TED2015 can be found on TED’s website.

Photos by Marta Pérez

About TEDxBarcelonaLive
At our events TEDxBarcelonaLive we offer you to follow a TED event live (via streaming) in Barcelona. Without the need to travel or the high conference cost (a ticket is 8.500 USD) you can watch the talks presented at the TED conference here in Barcelona. Additionally, we offer you drinks and tapas and a small expo of latest gadgets which we have found for you. The event is open, i.e. you can enter and exit and thus also do networking with other curious minds.