TEDxBarcelonaSalon - The Good Country Index

About this event :

Fábrica Damm

At our TEDxBarcelonaSalon events we foster networking, dialog and the discussion among all members of TEDxBarcelona. In order to achieve this we meet once a month and listen to an interesting talk. After watching the talk we discuss about the presented subject. In order to make this event effective we limit the number of attendees.
Our TEDxBarcelonaSalon of july took place at antigua fábrica Damm en c/Rosselló, 515.

Simon Anholt: Which country does the most good for the world?

It’s an unexpected side effect of globalization: problems that once would have stayed local—say, a bank lending out too much money—now have consequences worldwide. But still, countries operate independently, as if alone on the planet. Policy advisor Simon Anholt has dreamed up an unusual scale to get governments thinking outwardly: The Good Country Index. In a riveting and funny talk, he answers the question, “Which country does the most good?” The answer may surprise you (especially if you live in the US or China). Simon Anholt

We watched the TED talk altogether. Afterwards, we discussed about the video among the attendees. We finished the event with networking and a beer for everyone.

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