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If you have a suggestion regarding a possible speaker or sponsor, or you want to get in contact with us please fill out the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Lately, we experience some technical issues with the online form. If it does not work for you, you can also send us an email to: info (at) tedxbarcelona.com.

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Being a sponsor of TEDxBarcelona has many advantages:
– mentioning of your brand in our videos, events and website
– marketing of your brand which will be mentioned with TEDxBarcelona
– visibility: more than 20.000 people will see your logo in the next 12 months
Please contact us and we will provide you with more information about our sponsoring program.

We organize TEDx events for companies and organizations. We ensure that speakers surprise listeners, that the talks are TED-style and that the event has a high impact. Our know how organising over 70 TEDx events in the last 8 years is a guarantee you can trust on.

We are constantly searching for great ideas and speakers in order to offer you interesting events. If you know of a speaker with a good idea, an interesting invention or an interesting story, please advise us. You can also propose yourself! Please note that we cannot pay speakers for their talk. We cover all the transport costs, however. We are very thankful for any speaker suggestion.
We look thoroughly into all suggestions and the best ideas will be presented at our next event.

It would not be possible to organize our events without our volunteers who help us without any financial interest. They help us because they love the initiative and want to support it. If you also want to help us please contact us. Thanks so much for your support!
Right now we are searching for programmers web and smartphone who can help us with our web and build an app. If you know of someone interested in volunteering with us please let us know.

We welcome any comment you can give us and suggestion to improve what we do. Please let us know what we should improve (and what we do well :-).


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