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Hi, I'm Victoria! I'm a young singer-songwriter with significant aspirations. I've grown up traveling around the world with my supportive and loving family. Through my experiences, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible people and seeing so many different sides of life. I grow from these experiences and leak them into my music, which develops and changes as I develop and change.
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What I notice, through first-hand experience, is that every single person in the world worries about what their surrounding people will think of them. No matter if their insecurities are due to significantly noticeable features or simply their imagination, the fear of reaction is always there. But it's all in the mind. No one's worrying about what you look like; they're worrying about what you think of them. And that's my idea worth spreading. That our biggest fears, and strongest conquerers, are conceived in our minds themselves.
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ping-pong. volleyball. photography. living.
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you'd like me to perform at an event, if you need guidance for whatever reason, even if you simply need someone to talk to.

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