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smeralda uguccioni

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Executive, Career and Personal Development: Customised Tailored Processes Services Corporate Leadership, Executive Coaching, Talent, Team and Career Development & Consulting Barcelona and International Level European and Worldwide: Serviced Clients from over 80 nationalities in 5 continents in person and via skype: smeralda.uguccioni In agreement and transparency with you, we'll scope together your process or intervention to be as short as possible (prioritising effectiveness) and to give you concrete tools and empowerment to move independently at your pace, rhythm and needs.
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el desarrollo de las personas y cocinar!
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Persigo la serenidad de aceptar las cosas que no puedo cambiar; Valor para cambiar las cosas que puedo; y sabiduría para conocer la diferencia.
People don't know that I'm good at:
cocinar pasta con tomate e limón!
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Deseas un proceso de desarrollo a medida

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