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Paula Morar

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I can’t get mad or upset because I realize how important is that moment in my self development and instead of gettingg sad, I just get to work and then all the energy is invested in somethig constuctive.
I'm passionate about:
Art and time! The artist eye makes you see deeper and better, inside everythig. I love metaphores and I try to help everybody as much as I can.
An idea worth spreading:
Society wants us all chained and strangulated and I would like to make people understand that, you are what you are and you can be more but you will never be more if you think that you are what you have...
People don't know that I'm good at:
Reading, writing and spread the word, motivate other people to follow their deams
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You think I can bring something positive to the society that doesn’t settle and think that there is something more to do, see, feel, live

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