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Marisa Mueller is a humanitarian worker, social activist and dedicated explorer. Juggling her time between Barcelona, Paris and New York, she is dedicated to making our planet a place where all sentient beings can enjoy a life of peace, parity and plenty. It is this utopian ideal that has been her unwavering guide and North Star. The path she has followed has been less straightforward, however. Then again, as one of her favorite authors Hermann Hesse once wrote: “Straight lines evidently belonged only to geometry, not to nature and life.” Since receiving a BA in International Economics from the American University in Paris and an Msc in International Development from the University of Amsterdam, Marisa has lived and worked in a myriad of countries over four continents. In the late 90’s she was sent to East and West Africa to report on the World Bank’s and IMF’s newly implemented Structural Adjustment Programs (SAP) for different international media. Later, as Administrator with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) she managed programs in Africa, the Middle East and East Asia, in countries spanning from North Korea to Nigeria and Yemen. Her experiences coupled with the passing of her cherished father, led her to continue a longstanding philanthropic family legacy through a small foundation. The Nommontu Foundation has focused on improving human rights, girls’ education, and access to health care in the Middle East and West Africa. More recently, it also provides support for organizations in monitoring and evaluation practices. A member of the International Advisory Council of the International Crisis Group (ICG) and actively involved with the board of AMREF USA, Marisa also volunteers at several refugee centers and, whenever possible continues to give her time to MSF. In her private time, Marisa practices Iyengar Yoga and Vipassana Meditation and avidly studies Arabic.
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