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Jose Manuel Pérez Marzabal


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Never happy with the status quo, I have started my own legal practice. Nowadays, I represent and provide legal services related to high-tech matters to Internet based businesses, emerging companies, Internet Service Providers, Internet Startups and entrepreneurs in diverse industries, including software, hardware, e-learning, e-commerce, electronics, tourism and consumer products. Moreover, I sometimes invest in companies as an informal investor and also enjoy helping people with their ventures. Among others, I have contributed or invested in wealthify, Wave, Smalletec, iamYiam, crowdcube.com, mailxmail.com, and Descuentos15.
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Knowledge, management training, professional networking, business management, competitive strategy, project management, industrial organization, economics, information economy, antitrust, machines, Linkedin, Skype, Google, Twitter, Netvibes, RSS, wifi, Blogs, cloud computing, multimedia, telecommunications, new ventures, start-ups, innovation, Internet, technology, music, reading books, movies, theater, environment, diving, surf, basketball, snowboarding, running, travel
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The general rule of law is, that the noblest of human productions -- knowledge, truths ascertained, conceptions, and ideas -- become, after voluntary communication to others, free as the air to common use - Justice Brandeis
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Looking primarily for startups or larger companies requesting legal consultancy. Interested in contacts that involve entrepreneurship, Internet based businesses, research, technology, innovation, professional and academic networking. Last but not least, I'm also open to possible speaking engagement requests. If you have something you think I would be interested in speaking at, please feel free to contact me with details of the event, projected audience size and profile, location and date.

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