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We are living great times. In an era of accelerated change stemming from self-nourishing technology and the considerable turbulence in industries and markets, we are facing deep changes in our economic and social frameworks.

In the last two years, one of the most relevant trends to be highlighted has been the emergence of everything stemming from the prefix “co-“. For instance, teams coming from very different origins that gather to convert common insights into new realities, or organizations that combine their products or brands, or different sectors that share skills to generate hybrid projects.

The future is co-: beyond ‘open innovation’, the future is about multiplying the capacity of businesses so that new products and services can emerge and stimulate a new economic force of energy.

TEDxBarcelona co- shows examples, ideas experiences, best practices, etc., stemming from the central concept of “co-”: co-branding, co-economy, co-creation, co-learning, cooperation, collaboration, etc.

Our next event TEDxBarcelona co- will be organized on 2012.

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