TEDxBarcelonaSalon - hidden toxics in cosmetics

About this event :

We are very conscious about our the food we eat and the quality of air, but do we really know what we put on our skin? Do we know if the componentes of the cosmetics are really good for us? 60% of what our body receives is ingested through our skin, our largest organ with the highest area. And many of the cosmetics contain toxic products or products from which nobody knows if they are toxic or not. Sara Werner
How to protect ourselves? How shall we know which product to choose or what to consider when we read a product label?
These are the questions we want to answer at our next event TEDxBarcelonaSalon on the 20th of July. We will talk about toxics in cosmetics. To get interesting insight into this subject we invited an expert in this field, Sara Werner, CEO of Cocunat, a company specialized in natural products.
Already being very young, Sara Werner had to experience first hand what it means not to tolerate certain , vivió de primera mano lo que significa no poder tolerar chemical products. When she was a child, her mother was diagnosed eith Cuando era niña a su madre le diagnosticaron Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, thus she had to see day by day how her mother’s body reacted (and rejected) to certain products.
At our event, we listened to Sara Werner’s talk and afterwards we were able to ask her questions, discuss with her about the subject and listen also to your natural solutions in the world of cosmetics.

And for the curious one’s we showed – before the event – a TED talk (video in English without subtitles) on how to eliminate plastics from cosmetics.

18:15 Opening doors
18:30 Projection of TED talk How to ban plastic from our cosmetics | Julian Baehr
18:45 Break
19:00 Sara Werner: The hidden toxics in cosmetics
19:20 Discussion
20:30 Networking with tapas and drinks
21:30 End of the event

Photography: Angèle Biette

About TEDxBarcelonaSalon:
At our TEDxBarcelonaSalon events we foster networking, dialog and the discussion among all members of TEDxBarcelona. In order to achieve this we meet once a month and listen to an interesting talk. After watching the talk we discuss about the presented subject. Here the list of past Salon events.

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